Immuno-Molecular Consult Service

The immunomolecular laboratory consists of three components: Transplantation, Flow Cytometry, and Molecular Diagnostics. The Transplantation component performs testing in support of solid organ and Bone Marrow/Stem Cell transplantation. Testing includes HLA typing with donor-recipient match anaylsis, HLA antibody screening and identification, donor and recipient crossmatching and auto crossmatching. The Flow Cytometry component performs both diagnostic flow immunophenotyping for hematopath diagnosis as well as immune monitoring panels for CD4 levels and total T-cells levels. Immunodeficiency screening is also offered. The molecular diagnostics laboratory offers several genetic tests including APO E phenotyping, HFE mutational analysis and screening for Factor V Leiden and the Prothrombin mutation. Additionally, the lab performs BCR-Abl by nested PCR for both diagnosis disease monitoring.

For more information regarding this service, please contact C.D. Jennings, M.D.