William O'Connor, MD

Director of Autopsy Services

The mission of our Autopsy Service is to provide surviving family members and other stakeholders with an accurate evaluation of cause of death, the presence and severity of human disease, potential pain and suffering, and other pertinent questions surrounding the death of a loved one or client.

Our autopsy suite is located on the first floor of the University of Kentucky Chandler Hospital and has easy access for motor vehicle transport. The suite is very spacious, modern and has facilities to handle a variety of special post mortem examinations. The department's laboratories include state-of-the-art cytogenetic and molecular genetic test facilities that are also used when necessary.

While most of our services are noted below, if there is a need for an examination not included here, please call to check the availability and for a cost quotation.

General Autopsy services including:

  • Autopsy (Adult) Complete
  • Autopsy (Infant) Complete
  • Abdomen Only
  • Chest Only
  • Abdomen and Chest
  • Single Organ

Neuropathologic examination:

  • Brain only examination

Each autopsy includes all technical fees, 90 minute record review, and one consultation with a family member or representative. Some testing noted above may incur additional charges; please call to discuss. Additional services can be quoted.

Note: Cases involving infectious diseases may incur extra cost to cover isolation and decontamination costs and when necessary the antibiotic prophylaxis of personnel.

Forms to be Completed Prior to Autopsy Being Performed
Consent for Autopsy
Next of Kin Verification Form
Authorization for Release of Information

 Questions? Please call (859)-323-5223 for further information.