Molecular Anatomic Pathology

The Molecular Anatomic Pathology Laboratory in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine in the University of Kentucky offers a wide range of tests for specific genetic abnormalities in cancer. Our laboratory is fully CLIA-compliant and certified by the College of American Pathologists. In addition to clinical testing, we also offer these tests for research projects (contact the Director for additional information, click on the Molecular Anatomic Pathology Staff link to the right).

genetic eventtest typemain target cancer(s)
1p/19q codeletionin situ hybridizationbrain (glioma)
ALK overexpressionimmunohistochemistrylung
ALK rearrangementin situ hybridizationlung
BCL2 rearrangementin situ hybridizationlymphoma
BCL6 rearrangementin situ hybridizationlymphoma
BRAF V600Epyrosequencingthyroid cancer & melanoma
DNA mismatch repair enzyme lossimmunohistochemistrycolorectal
EGFR amplificationin situ hybridizationbrain (glioma)
EWS rearrangementin situ hybridizationsarcoma
HER2 amplificationin situ hybridizationbreast & upper gastrointestinal
IDH1/2 mutationspyrosequencingbrain (glioma)
KRAS mutationSanger sequencinglung, colorectal
MDM2 amplificationin situ hybridizationsarcoma
MGMT promoter methylationpyrosequencingbrain (glioma)
MYC rearrangementin situ hybridizationlymphoma
SYT rearrangementin situ hybridizationsarcoma

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