About Our Residents & Fellows

Filip Garrett, DO
Hometown: Mason City, Iowa
Pathology Interests: Neuropathology and General Surgical Pathology
Interests/Hobbies: Spending time with family, Basketball, Cooking, and Listening to Audiobooks/Podcasts
Why UK?: Great first impression of the program, positive working environment, and Lexington is a great place to live!

Christine Dolin Taylor, PhD
Hometown: Crestwood, KY
Pathology Interests: Clinical Chemistry
Interests/Hobbies: Running, Crafts, Church and Community Involvement, Gardening, and Baking
Why UK?: UK is dedicated to providing excellent patient care and it is a good training environment.

Phillip Jones, DO
Charleston, WV
Pathology Interests: 
Cytology, Rural Community Practice
Traditional Appalachian Music, Hiking, Biking
Why UK?: 
I chose UK because of the friendly atmosphere and close proximity to my home state. 

Sara Bachert, MD
Hometown: Bowling Green, KY
Pathology Interests: Breast pathology, Gynecologic pathology
Interests/Hobbies: Golf, Hiking, Bonsai Trees, Loom Weaving
Why UK?: I chose UK because we traditionally have an equal number of residents entering private and academic medicine. As such, I fel tI would be well-trained no matter where my career path took me. Also, UK is a good program for self-motivated learners with plenty of opportunities for autonomy. 

Natalya Hakim, MD
Edlibm Syria
Pathology Interests: 
Hematopathology, Gastrointestinal Pathology
Cooking, Painting, Spending time with family
Why UK?: 
What initially attracted me during my interview was the friendly and welcoming environment. The residents, faculty, and staff are the greatest highlight of being a part of this program. After my interview, I realized the education and opportunities here at UK are immense and the program is constantly improving to be more dynamic for the residents. I couldn't be happier with my decision if I had the chance, I would go back and choose UK all over again. 

Andrew Gao, MD
Hometown: Shanghai, China
Pathology Interests: Transfusion Medicine and Molecular Pathology
Interests/Hobbies: History, Swimming, Soccer
Why UK?: Very friendly environment, solid training in both AP and CP. 

Autumn Hammonds, MD
Hometown: Jenkins, KY
Pathology Interests: Forensic Pathology, Clinical Chemistry, Cytology
Interests/Hobbies: Being a mommy and wife, Playing basketball outside, Taking walks in the neighborhood, Working out, Going to church at Southland, Reading, Traveling, Shopping, Netflix
Why UK?: Being from a small rural area in southeast KY, UK represents a place of hope - somewhere you or a loved one goes when they are really sick and need the best of the best care. It is an extreme honor that I am able to call myself a resident phsyician at UK. 

Yasmin Hambaroush, MD
Hometown: Aleppo, Syria
Pathology Interests: Dermatopathology
Interests/Hobbies: Cooking, Zumba, Hiking
Why UK?: I chose UK because of the wonderful flourishing environment and family friendly city. 

Lames Hamoodi, MD
Hometown: Baghdad, Iraq
Pathology Interests: Surgical Pathology
Interests/Hobbies: Photography
Why UK?: Lexington is a home away from home.

Nashwan Jabbour, MD
Hometown: Latakia, Syria
Pathology Interests: Hematopathology
Interests/Hobbies: Soccer, Music, Movies, and Sports
Why UK?: It's a great academic institution. Since I was a previous employee at UK, my dream was always to become a pathology resident here. I was so amazed by the friendly and welcoming environment during the interview and the amazing faculty members. I also love Lexington - it's like a second home! It's the best city to raise my future family. 

Andre Ene, MD
Hamilton, Ontario
Pathology Interests: 
Neuropathology, Autopsy
Drawing & Painting, Astronomy, Science Fiction, Philosophy, Martial Arts
Why UK?: 
I looked for a program that had a strong research background, close community, and family oriented. This is shown in the support offered by everyone in the department.