FISH Analysis - Oncology

FISH analysis, Oncology
May be performed on

  • Bone marrow, peripheral blood (if WBC >15,000 and > 10% blasts), tumor/tissue specimens
  • FISH analysis may be ordered as a FISH ONLY test or in conjunction with chromosome analysis.
  • For Multiple Myeloma FISH (new diagnosis or progression panels), 4-5 ml of bone marrow in sodium heparin is required.
  • Specific FISH tests must be selected. The following FISH panels along with an array of individual FISH tests are available:
    • Adult B-Cell ALL Panel
    • Adult B-Cell ALL (Ph-like) Panel
    • Adult T-Cell ALL Panel
    • Adult AML Panel
    • Burkitt's Leukemia/Lymphoma Panel
    • Pediatric B-Cell ALL Panel
    • Pediatric B-Cell ALL (HR-High Risk) Panel
    • Pediatric T-Cell ALL Panel
    • CLL Panel
    • Lymphoma Panel, Follicular Center Cell
    • Lymphoma Panel, Aggressive B-Cell
    • Lymphoma Panel, Marginal Zone
    • MDS Panel
    • MPD/MPN/MPS Panel
    • MPD/MPN/MPS with Eosinophilia Panel
    • Multiple Myeloma New Diagnosis Panel Tier 1 with Reflex to Tier 2
    • Multiple Myeloma Panel (follow up/progression)

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