Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometry laboratory which is a part of the Immuno-molecular division is highly integrated with our hematopathology service to offer 10-color multiparametric flow cytometry testing. This clinical service is used to test for a variety of conditions including lymphomas, leukemia, plasma cell neoplasms, Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria (PNH), HIV monitoring for TBNK, immunodeficiency and autoimmune disorders.

Ranjana Arora, MD, MPH
Director, Flow Cytometry

Amy Gewirtz, MD
Melissa Kesler, MD
Sahar Nozad, MD
Dava Piecoro, MD

John R. May, Jr (Chief Medical Scientist)
Angel Smith BS (MLS), ASCP
Wiley T. Turner BS (MLS)
Bing Zhao MLT

We evaluate for a variety of hematolymphoid processes in multiple sample types including blood, bone marrow, tissue, lymph nodes and fluids for multiple phenotypic markers. Our highly trained faculty and staff also provide support to stem cell and BMT service with CD34 and CD3 cell enumeration assays.

The flow cytometry laboratory also performs clinical research studies at discounted prices. Please contact the lab at 859-218-5815 for more details.

The bone marrow laboratory is located in the main UK Clinical Laboratory on the 6th floor of the hospital.

Flow cytometry service is an integral part of our resident’s hematopathology rotation where they learn to interpret flow cytometry along with bone marrow, tissue and lymph node histopathology. The first month of resident hematopathology training incorporates major time to learn interpretation of flow cytometry which gets integrated into their following service months. This model has been very well received by our trainees as it assists them to gradually transient towards complete diagnostic report generation.

Relevant Forms
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Flow Cytometry Req Form.pdf