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Shulin Zhang, MD, PhD
Director, Genomics Core Laboratory

Charles Lutz, MD, PhD
Director, Clinical Molecular and Genomic Pathology

Ranjana Arora, MD, MPH
Sainan Wei, MD, PhD, FACMG
Kuey Chen, PhD

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The Genomics Core Laboratory, a College of American Pathologists-accredited facility, was established in 2015 as part of the UK HealthCare Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine and Markey Cancer Center genomics initiative.

Our center provides a wide range of genomic services for clinical care, including chromosomal microarray, genotyping for pharmacogenetics, and DNA sequencing (both capillary and next-generation sequencing) for cancer and genetic disorders. 

Our facility occupies 4,500 square feet within the UK HealthCare Clinical Laboratories. The overall mission of our laboratory is to accelerate the clinical genomics, precision medicine and genomic research interests at the University of Kentucky by providing cutting-edge genomic technology services. This facility also functions as Markey Cancer Center’s Oncogenomics Shared Resource Facility.